Golden Trauma Specialists

Golden Trauma Specialists

Empowering individuals impacted by trauma to reclaim their space and progress with confidence through our specialized cleanup services in Perth. Your trusted partner in restoration, committed to providing professional assistance during challenging times.

Our Services

Crime Scene Cleaning

Specialised cleanup for crime scenes like home invasions, stabbings, shootings, and robberies. Our discreet restoration ensures a thorough aftermath cleanup.

Accident Cleaning

Precise cleanup for workplace accidents, public assaults, and accidents at home. From government facilities to building and mine sites, our discreet services cover it all.

Biohazard Cleaning

Expert cleanup for hazardous materials, including blood, feces, urine, sharps, and medical waste spills. Trust us for thorough and hygienic biohazard decontamination.

Deceased Estate Cleaning

Empathetic cleanup for unattended deaths and suicides. Our professional team prioritizes respectful restoration of affected areas.

Extreme Cleaning

Expert cleaning for grossly filthy properties with dirt and grime buildup. Experience a transformative restoration of cleanliness and hygiene.

Forensic Cleaning

Precise cleanup for crime scenes and biohazard situations. Our expert team ensures thorough removal, restoring safety and hygiene.

Hoarder Cleaning

Professional cleanup for excessive clutter, trashed houses, and bulk rubbish, bringing order to hoarded properties.

Odour Removal

Targeting unpleasant smells like cigarette smoke, pet odours, and more, our odour removal services ensure a fresh and clean environment.

Meth Decontamination

Comprehensive decontamination for drug labs and efficient drug testing to restore affected areas. Trust us for thorough cleanup after drug-related incidents.

Trauma Cleaning

Compassionate cleanup for traumatic incidents like unattended deaths. Our discreet services prioritise respectful restoration, providing support during emotional times.

Rapid Emergency Response

Experience peace of mind with our rapid emergency response. When crises strike, our dedicated team ensures swift solutions, providing immediate assistance in critical moments. Trust us for timely and effective services, minimizing the impact of emergencies on your property.

Why Work With Us

Specialized Decontamination Expertise

Unmatched expertise for precise and effective cleanup of biohazards, crime scenes, and extreme filth.

24/7 Emergency Response

Round-the-clock emergency services, providing swift and professional assistance in urgent situations.

Transparent Reporting

Detailed reports, ensuring transparency and accountability in every step of the cleanup process.

Discreet and Compassionate Service

Discreet and empathetic support during challenging times, professionalism in every service.

Residential Trauma Cleanup

Golden Trauma Specialists played a pivotal role in the successful cleanup and renewal of a suburban residence following a traumatic incident. Faced with the aftermath of a distressing event, our expert team at Golden Trauma Specialists swiftly and discreetly approached the scene. Through meticulous decontamination, removal of biohazards, and compassionate service, we restored the property to a safe and habitable state.

Client Testimonials

Karen Mitchell
Karen Mitchell
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I can't thank the team at Golden Trauma Specialists enough. Dealing with a traumatic incident at my workplace was overwhelming, but their expert decontamination services and compassionate approach made all the difference.
David Thompson
David Thompson
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Prompt, professional, and thorough – that's how I would describe Golden Trauma Specialists. Their 24/7 emergency response saved us during a flooding crisis at our warehouse.
Emma Davies
Emma Davies
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Golden Trauma Specialists exceeded my expectations in every way. From transparent reporting to their discreet and compassionate service, they turned a challenging situation into a manageable one. Highly recommend.

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